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Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum
The “Berlin  Freedom of Expression Forum” is an annual conference on the issue of “Freedom of Expression”. The aim of the conference this year is to reflect on the concepts of “freedom” and “censorship” and look at both past and potential challenges to realizing complete freedom of expression”. Focusing on the role of the media, “The Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum” will evaluate the tools in which freedom of expression can take place.

With the transition from the traditional bi-polar international structure towards a more multi-polar world understanding state perspectives, different cultures and different traditions is important if the international system is to remain stable. The concept of “Freedom of Expression” is becoming more relevant as more states gain influence within the system as a whole. Looking at each state, it is clear that there is no one objective definition of the concept and recent world events, such as the “Arab Spring” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, have highlighted the importance of discussing the significance of freedom of expression as a whole. This conference aims to approach these issues and evaluate the role of technology, the disparities and trends in press freedom, democracy and censorship, and the role of social media.
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