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Be young and brave!
This October, I had the great opportunity to meet some excellent people working with NGOs or for NGOs. We attended together a training course in Athens, Greece, called BiTriMulti. The training was addressed to youth workers or youth leaders from organizations that plan to organize a Youth Exchange program. I really enjoyed the activities, since it was the first time I attended a course based on non- formal education. It’s a whole different approach, from the way we were conducted to communicate with each other up to the actual organization of activities. In short, a new chance to learn new things and to meet people from 7 countries, each and every one experienced, dedicated and good professionals in their NGOs. 
But the goal of this article is not to give details on this program that I recommend. I leave that to those who are interested to discover it by themselves. Easy ways to do this is by accessing the website of their National Youth Agencies or approaching the coordinators, since there are a lot of programs for youth workers or youth leaders.
At the end of the 5-day training course, one of the trainers asked me: “So, are you going to write an article about it?” Well, I have to admit that I hadn’t considered it then, but somehow I said: “Yes, I will”. For almost a month I thought of what should I write about. Now, this is what I want to say and I’ll make it short.

Unfortunately, I was the only person from Romania who attended this training, even though the Romanian National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Professional Development announced that there were 3 places available. Other countries had 2-3 representatives. Obviously, I asked myself why nobody else from Romania applied. And since, sometimes, questions can have more than one answer, I thought that it is a solution from me, who actively participated in the program, would be to recommend Youth in Action Programs to youngsters from Romania. I know that it takes a lot of time to prepare the documentation for this kind of programs, that you have to sign contracts, have some money of your own, pay the plane ticket and then wait 45 days for reimbursement of the money, but in the end it is all worth it if you are the type of person who enjoys learning and taking action.
So, dear youngsters who thought of attending this program, but don’t have the courage to do it: I think that it is about time for you to be brave and apply. You will enrich your knowledge, skills and abilities. And another thing that is important. We are like a rainbow: a multicolored arc, different but still having things in common. There are a lot of opportunities out there and if you don’t take advantage now, when will you? Anyway, if you wait, there will be somebody else who won’t. Anamaria (Mocanu) Chirap

*My participation to the training BiTriMulti was supported by the Romanian National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Professional Development and Youth in Action. This article doesn't necessary represent the official point of the Romanian National Agency or European Commission.

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